The brand La Monnaie du patrimoine is one of the main brands of our mother company SG Design.

SG Design brings together the brands Alpes Trophées, La Monnaie du patrimoine, Blades, Gausapa.

Thanks to the expertise of over 40 years in the creation,  manufacture and marketing of sports medals, ceremonial medals, official medals, civilian and military decorations of Alpes Trophées.

By he ay, we have created the brand La Monnaie du patrimoine

The heritage mint to testify the passage in the history of our cultural and touristic heritage. 

La Monnaie du patrimoine medals reflet the expertise of a multitude of artists coming from all backgrounds.

All models of medals, boxes, badges, key rings, magnets of La Monnaie du patrimoine are registered models, unique creation awned by La Monnaie du patrimoine.

Any reproduction for any reason whatsoever is strictly prohibited and liable to prosecution.

Our company, established for many years in ANNECY, in the French Alps, will always guarantee unmatched product quality, respect for the historical and artistic identity of the works, and the enhancement of the creations of our talents.